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MCMC Group is a group of companies which includes following brand names: Waggon Paris, W+, W2 and W Gold Cafe. The important moment in the group’s history is the coopation with the French designer Jean Lok in 2002. Together they designed the special collection which was launched at concerts and auctions held in New York, London and Tokyo in memory of the Beatles’ 40th year of performance. The collection has quickly won appreciation of all art lovers and in the first quarter of 2002 MCMC Group conveyed its success on the European market. Taking courage from that, the firm started the process of opening to Europe by launching its first store and showroom under Waggon Paris brand name in Paris, in 2003. Following great interest shown in the Waggon Paris collection by the European and American concept and department stores in 2007 MCMC Group launched its 2nd showroom in Bologna- the city which is considered as a new center of fashion. Today the MCMC Group brands are presented to the modern women in over 300 concept stores worldwide, the brand’s products can be found in important fashion capitols like New York, London, Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Dubai and Tokyo. MCMC Group brand names prepare 4 collections every year and each of them contains approximetly 1500 pieces of ready to wear clothes and accessories. Waggon Paris specializes in trendy and luxury female clothes . The leather shoes and accessorises are gathered under W2 brand name and W+ is designed with plus size target group in mind. The W Gold Cafe provides luxury food and beverage for MCMC Group customers. Following the developed consumption markets such as the US, France, Italy, the UK, Spain and Germany as well as the emerging markets the MCMC Group has decided to invest in direct store management and from 2010 the new shops have constantly been opening in Moscow, Baku and Kiew. Within the 5 year period in Europe the MCMC Group has authorized the Paris office for managment of the American market operation, the Bologna office working on the European market and the Istanbul office responsible for the Asia-Far East market. In 2008 MCMC Group moved to its modern head office in Istanbul- the 11 floor building covering an area of 3500 m2  became a home for management and direct retail management, design, product development, and finance departments as well as showrooms regularly presenting new collections. MCMC Group is developing and growing company which constantly improves its human resources structure with proffessionals and global managers who are capable of managing the businness succesfully in the modern and dynamic global market.     MCMC Groups future plans include transitioning the head office to the new, modern building in İstanbul which will be suitable for the big and growing company as well as developing the new brand names in the near future.

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